The Hidden Hostess
What we do?
Planning a party, let us do all the work. We handcraft all tableware, decorations,
goody-bags, favors,dress up outfits,  activities, and games.  Our parties are custom
made to match the party theme of your choice. Each party comes with 2-3 hours of
fun-filled themed activities lead by a Hidden Hostess.  Best of all, we clean it al
up at the party's end!  
How it works?-
First you select the party theme of your choice.  Though some party themes are age
specific most can be customized to be age appropriate. Second, you supply us with
your guest list and table dimensions.  Third, the creation of you party begins. All
the plates, napkins, glassware, table clothes, decorations, favors/goodybags,
centerpieces, ceiling decor, activities,and costumes are hand designed.  A party time
line is created to outline festivities in accordance to the amount of guests.  Fourth,
the Hidden Hostesses arrive at your front door to begin setup and decorating.
Finally, let the festivities begin.